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Renao Excel Services Pvt. Ltd. (a part of Renao Excel Group) lays the foundation of a global enterprise, which will focus on knowledge and advisory services, enabling the economy to be future ready. Its activities will serve the needs of Companies (large corporates, SMEs) and Individuals (Professionals, Youth) alike. Renao Excel Group started its journey in South Africa ( and is expanding its operations to India. Over the next five years, the Group aims to extend its presence to five regions including Indian Subcontinent, Africa, Europe, ASEAN, and Middle East.

Statement of Purpose:

Renao Excel Group’s mission is to advance knowledge, enable learning and strengthen educational eco-system in the areas of future oriented skills. Renao Excel will thus enable the economy to be future ready and enhance its productivity and potential.

In its first year of operations, Renao Excel India will offer the following services:

  1. Training in the areas of Emerging Technologies - Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Science and Data Ethics.

  2. Providing services to Young Students seeking admission in universities abroad

Renao Excel will aim to be the market leading organization in its area of operations and will adhere to its corporate values of Customer Centricity, Transparency and fairness to all its stakeholders. It will follow good corporate governance practices and be a good corporate citizen.

Emerging Technologies

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Overseas Education

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