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Accommodation for International students 

Singapore as it is one of the top high cost of living countries but some private and government institutions and universities in Singapore do provide accommodation arrangements (on campus hostels) while others do not. Generally international students prefer staying off campus. Singapore offers several student accommodation options and depending upon your budget, you could choose among those alternatives. Various accommodating alternatives are: hostels, halls of residence, HDB flats, private apartments, luxury houses and student apartments. 

Rental costs varied from SGD 500.00 to SGD 1,500.00 per month, depending on location, type of housing/room, facilities availability and the number of people sharing. For hostels, the average expenditure would be SGD 140 to SGD 440 per student per month depending on the number of students sharing the room.

Halls of Residence

School-based student accommodation in Singapore is usually done in halls of residence. Halls of residence are generally for full-time postgraduates with new students in research programs often given precedence. This is an ideal option as the buildings often provide many amenities. Room rates vary between SGD140 to SGD440 per month, depending on the number of students sharing a room. 


Homestay Boarding 

Some local Singaporean households open up their homes and offer full boarding for international students by letting out a room. This is another good option that won’t be too tough on your wallet. The cost of doing a homestay boarding arrangement ranges from SG$500 to SG$1000 per month. 

Image by Nguyen Thu Hoai

Renting an Independent Flat 

The most expensive option is renting a space independently. This is the most expensive option and can cost anything from SGD 2000 upwards. Students are expected to pay at least one month of  advanced rent along with a one month security deposit. 

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Private Shared Flats

Private shared flats are expensive, but if shared with fellow students, cost can be thinned out. Costs will vary with size, location and the facilities provided. 

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Private Hostels

Private hostels are another option for cheaper student accommodation. A hostel is an economical accommodation with primary facilities available. These are usually run by either educational institutions or independent agencies. If you have a valid student visa, you can rent a single room by the day, week, month, or do a three-month contract. Some hostels are exclusively for international students and can be a place to make new friends in a new environment.

If you’re willing to share a room, that will cost you around SGD480 per month. However, if you want to have privacy then be prepared to pay SGD730 for a single basic room. 


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